Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Foto Fun (cause you really only want to see the pictures)

OK, so for Halloween, we were a little late in getting going with the festivities but we got them all in so it still counts right? The day before Halloween we finally bought a pumpkin! and Cadence wanted to paint it instead of cut it (which was fine with us) so here she is painting her punkin :)

We made our traditional pumpkin cookies - which taste fabulous as always! Cadence was much more into getting the decorations right on the faces this year. She was also quality control to make sure that the cookies were the shape of pumpkins going onto the cookie sheet :)

See what a great decorated face that is?!

I've decided that for little kids (like Caleb Shaun and Creed) that Halloween is much more about the parents picking out a costume that they like and torturing their child by making them wear it. So, this year Chris and I went right along with what is expected and dressed the kids not only in costumes but themed costumes that went together! They were our Super Heroes!
Shaun looks like he's somewhat enjoying the pictures but don't be deceived he hated most every minute of it.
Super Baby and Super Girl
2 Supers and an upset Spider Man - he really didn't like the hat/mask
Chris got in on the action too with a new super hero t-shirt. When we left Target with the shirt Cadence observed that I didn't get a super hero outfit to wear to match everyone else. Daddy quickly informed her that I was going as "mommy" because mommies are super heroes in regular clothes :)

We Trick-or-treated in Cherry Grove, a friend's subdivision. Really we just wanted to hang out at the fire pit and play guitars but kids don't really lend themselves to that so we took the kids out to get candy. Caleb Shaun enjoyed the stroller ride much more than the candy and Creed mostly enjoyed the nap. Isn't he the cutest super baby ever?

Cadence is officially at the age where she gets Halloween. She thought it was fantastic to walk up to strangers and get told how cute she was and leave with candy. Halloween is great for a little girls ego! and not so great for a mommy trying to lose baby weight - but oh well. We've put the candy up to be rationed over the next however many months it takes to get rid of it and are already working on next year's costumes ............


mama said...

I laughed so hard, Caleb Shaun is too funny! They are all so cute, and I love it that you made our traditional pumpkin cookies....... Actually we have to check with Liz cause everyone of you have posted pictures of those yummy, good for you, cookies! I'm sure she'll be thinking hard about it!

The Lourceys said...

I love your kids themed costumes. Creed looks so tiny in his. He looks like Mini Me.

Elizabeth said...

Hooray for fall photos and fun costumes. For Caleb Shaun not to have liked his costume, you sure got some cute photos of him in it. And Creed again looks like a different kid to me. Still a cute kid, but a different kid. It cracks me up that Shae asked about your costume - and while I agree with Chris that you're super hero enough, it would have been funny for you to wear one of those "I make milk. What's your super power?" shirts. ;)