Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Beach

The nice thing about a week at the beach is that there is lots of beach time involved which makes for great naps in the afternoon! This was one of our days that we spent the morning on the beach with all the kids. They had lots of fun playing between the sand and the water. Thankfully there were lots of buckets and shovels to go around so that we didn't have any major meltdowns over the sharing of the toys.

Caleb Shaun LOVED the water! He sat and let the waves splash all over him. Adaline had a harder time finding what she liked the best about the beach but did enjoy the snacks and her juice pretty well.

Thankfully Amber and Mr. Robert came too. The bigger 3 kids had a great time getting to build a really good sand castle with them (and Chris got to take a nap)

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mama said...

Stink! Wish I had been there that day!! Looks like I missed a great time!