Saturday, February 6, 2010

Giving a Day (or 2)

This year Disney is doing a plan where you give a day of service to certain organizations and you get tickets for a day at a park. So, we Andersens, always looking for the most cost-effective way to visit the happiest place on earth, decided to get involved. Thru the Disney website we contacted the Mount Airy Habitat for Humanity who had projects we could do with young children in our home. There was a whole list of things we could build benches, key holders, bird houses, etc. We decided to make a tool box that will be used on worksites where homes are built. Here are the pics of us building and painting our tool box. :)

We all helped out - but Daddy did most of the hard work

The finished product
Cadence got to paint the toolbox a couple of days later. She did a pretty good job considering we had to paint inside due to yet another "winter storm"


Elizabeth said...

Wow! What a super fun project and a super great way to earn free tickets!!! Can you do this multiple times a year? Do you earn one free ticket for each project? How does it work? Not that it really matters because we won't be back in the States for a while... :) I'm just curious - as always!

chrisa4357 said...

Liz - you can only do it one this year not multiple times. We just googled "give a day get a disney day" and it took us to the website. We put in where we live and it pulled up the list of options for where you could volunteer (there were hundreds of options). We picked one and they emailed us what we could do and so we just did it. It was super easy! We had to put in a day that we said we were doing the work and after that day passed, Disney emailed us and said to click on this button to redeem our tickets. So, after we finished our project, I followed the instructions and we printed out the voucher that we will give the ticket office at Disney. It was pretty cool and super easy!