Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summertime's Coming!

Music Recitals are over! The weather is warmer! The garden is beginning to produce! All signs that summer is on its way! We love summer. Not only is it hot :), but Daddy's home! The school year will be over in a couple of weeks and then one week of Rock School for lessons and we will be in vacation/get ready for Creed mode. I love this time of year - in case you haven't noticed.

Shaun has another tooth that has broken thru this week. So, that's been not so fun with it coming thru but now that it's thru the skin, he seems to be much better with it. It has also helped tremendously with his feeding therapy because EVERYTHING is in his mouth these days which means that his gag reflex has diminished considerably - just because his mouth is getting used. So now, he can swallow bites of food (and some he puts in himself) without choking on them!

The pictures at the bottom are of us playing outside last night. Chris finished up teaching early and we got to have dinner and play together before heading to Bible Study. Yay for summer coming and us getting to eat and play as a family more regularly!


mama said...

YAY for summer, I love it too, because my girls come to see me for vacation!! Woohoo

Shannon said...

Thanks for the update and the pictures. Cadence and Shaun are going to be so big next time we see them. It seems they change significantly every time I take time to catch up on blogs (like twice a year now!)

I love Shaun's face in the tooth picture. He looks pretty funny ...and used to being poked and prodded. Poor guy.

Enjoy that warm weather and back yard!

Elizabeth said...

Your girl's outfit = adorable!
Your new swing set = awesome! Shaun's new tooth / decreased gag reflux = answer to prayer!
Seeing Shaunie and Shae together (bunny face pic) = priceless! Though one day he's gonna haul off and whack her for always being in his face. Which will of course be priceless too! ;)
Caleb Shaun swinging with his tube = your new normal.
Seeing Chris with your kiddos = fun!
I'm so proud of you for being such a good mom to your 2 bambinos!

Elizabeth said...

Random thought... Shaun's face in the close-up of him and Chris looks SO much like Shae that if the feeding tube wasn't attached I'd have a hard time knowing it was Shaunie! Weird, huh?

chrisa4357 said...

Yes Liz, there are definitely moments where he looks liek Cadence to me. And Chris too - especially his hair - it's alot like Chris' to me.

The outfit is on that KayKay got her and I love it! and all the other dresses she got her too :)

and I'm slightly looking forward to the day that Shaun can stand up for himself against Cadence - although he does love her - he's definitely getting irritated with her more often when she bothers him. As of now, he only screams at her but I'm sure that there's more coming :)