Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Milestones!

I'm trying to be better about documenting milestones so as to not have to remember a big update. So, this week we had a couple of things that are blog-worthy.

1st of all Cadence has finally figured out all the letters in her name! Granted it takes several pages to get them all written down, she's on her way. Also, we noticed this week that as she draws people - which she does alot - they have ears. This is definitely new. She's really aware of ears right now and even noticed in a different picture this week that someone's ears weren't in the right place. It was really a backdrop behind the person that looked like ears coming out of the top of their head but still, she noticed it - which I thought was interesting. So, maybe that's why she's drawing ears on her people but either way, I thought it was fun to see people with ears :)

I don't know what's up with the pictures in this post but they won't move where I want them too :( So, Caleb Shaun's big news is that he sits up! I literally left him in Cadence's lap this week and came back into the room and he was sitting beside her not being supported by anything. I couldn't believe it! So, there are some pictures of that too. He's getting to be such a big boy and we can't believe how quickly things are coming for him now. We're so glad - and the physical therapist definitely thinks he'll meet my goal of crawling by his birthday!


mama said...

Goodness gracious, he is chewing on his tube!! He now has teeth, so I hope you have plenty of tubes! LOL
Unbelievable how he is progressing, God is Good! He will be a BIG brother by the time Creed gets here!

Luke & April said...

I love that your baby can sit up!! Crazy how fast he is growing! Love how he chews on his tube... i'm sure he got in trouble for that one :)

Elizabeth said...

I haven't commented on your posts in forever... not sure why? I loved this one. Your girl is so cute. It's fun to me too that she notices ears and I always love seeing little kid writing. One day her name will all fit on the same piece of paper!