Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Ohio Fun

We went to some friends house in Ohio who had a really cool pond in their back yard. here are the kids looking for fish and frogs (something we never would have done before boys)

Cadence picked some flowers for her Mimi

Mimi and PopPop have a great park down the road from their house that the kids LOVED playing at


Elizabeth said...

Okay. That first picture if PROOF that Cadence is your daughter. :) And by the way...she looks SO grown up in the pictures with her ponytail and pink tank-top. It's crazy to think that soon she'll be THREE!!!! Wasn't she just a baby not that long ago?

Shannon said...

Sometimes I miss the states... Florida and Ohio in particular. Then again, the other day I was reminding myself that I live in this very beautiful city!