Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Friday Fun with Friends

Almost every Friday I (ashleigh) get together with some of my closest girlfriends. We either have some kind of Bible Study going on, or we meet at the park so the kids can play, or hook up at a house and just hang out. This past Friday, we decided to meet at Jenn's house and let the kids play in the water. It was such a great idea!! The kids had a blast. Here are some pictures from out fun morning together. 

This is how us Andersen's roll now that there are 3 :)

Jenn's the coolest mom around. She lets the kids put the slide IN the pool! Everyone had a little different way of sliding and once some bigger boys showed up, it got even more creative. :)  I didn't get pictures of that because I was too busy telling Tyler to please not jump off the top of the slide (over and over and over again)


Christa said...

now that is fun times!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Your kiddos have such funny faces! Isaiah's face as he's coming down the slide is hilarious. :) What a fun way to stay cool on a hot day!