Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Mommy!!!

Yesterday was my 30th birthday and so to celebrate it, we took the kids to Disney World. It was such a great day. Chris and I had our concerns about 3 kids at Disney for a whole day, but really, it couldn't have gone much better. The crowds were minimal so that we got to do lots without standing in ridiculous lines, the kids got along, overall a great day! My cousin Christa and her little boy Kagan came with us (just to add a 4th 2 year old to the mix) and we're so glad they came. It made for even more fun!

On the boat, heading to the Magic Kingdom

We were actually there near enough the opening of the park that we saw part of the opening show!

Walking thru Cinderella's castle. Cadence knocked on her door every time we passed thru the castle throughout the day, but Cinderella was always too busy to open the door :(

On the carousel

Race cars. The kids drove!!!

Seeing Mickey and Minnie for the first time

All the kids on their first roller coaster. Tyler loved it, Cadence and Isaiah were scared
On the train (much more Isaiah's style)

PRINCESSES!! This was purely for Cadence but the boys actually really enjoyed it too and got lots of kisses :)

It's a small world - quite possibly the favorite ride of the day -

4 little pirates ARGH!

Waiting for the country bears

At Cinderella's castle waiting for the show to start. I wonder who all will show up for the show?
All the kids wanted to pose in front of the castle pre-show

All in all - such a great day! If every day of my 30's is like the first one, this is going to be a great decade!


The Lourceys said...

I realize I'm here with you and commenting but how can I not? It looks like you guys had SO much fun! That picture of Cadence on Chris' shoulders is a framer for sure. I'm so glad you had such a great birthday!

Luke & April said...

This post has definitely brought a HUGE smile to my face today! I love you and all your children!!! Tyler's big cheesin smile in the pic with Mickey and Minnie brought tears to my eyes, and the pic of Isaiah on the train made me laugh out loud!! You guys are the best parents ever! And you have the best kids EVER!! I can't wait to see you all tomorrow night! VACA here I come!!

mama said...

So glad we have been able to spend the last week together....memories for these kids to last a lifetime! Happy B-day to my second born, what a joy to be a part! Thank you God!