Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Outside Fun

With the weather as nice as it's been we spend lots of time outside. In fact, it's pretty much what we do all day long. Both Cadence and Isaiah have claimed "houses" in different parts of the yard that they play in and invite each other to. They've gotten much better at sharing and taking turns - which I'm really grateful for :)  Here are some pictures of the the 2 of them playing together. If you want to see any of them bigger, they are in a Web Album that youcan get to by clicking here

Some friends gave us this great tee ball set for them to play with. We've had so much fun watching them try to hit the ball. They're both great at flipping the tee over but the ball often times get missed. They don't mind tho, one catches, one hits and it's at least minutes of entertainment for Chris and I. Cadence prefers to swing one-armed - and she's actually much better that way!

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Elizabeth said...

Love those kiddos! Thanks for updating us on all the tee ball fun. Looking forward to catching up later on this week via skype...