Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Day Part 2 (see post below)

The second part of Christmas (with April and Emily) was lots of fun too. She still wanted to play with everything that was opened but by far, her favorite thing was the Snow White doll and dress from Kay Kay. Coming off of a Disney Trip and Sleeping Beauty the night before, she was all geared up for some princess stuff!!  and so she loved Snow White (even tho she calls her a snow man :) 

Emily made us play games but April slept thru it



Here is the Snow White dress. Mom had gotten her the wand, crown and shoes that were also Snow White so the whole package was great. Even tho she might be one of the brownest Snow Whites around, we think she's beautiful!

Liz, this is for you and Shan. 
The stocking picture
Mom and Dad's stocking picture

This picture has become a yearly favorite of mine. It's a great way to see everything she got at once. Look how much she's grown over the past 3 Christmases. 



mama said...

Wow, just seeing how much she has changed made me tear up! I loved Christmas and the extended stay we had with her. Thanks for sharing our once "baby", now little "girl"!

Mandy Devine said...

Welcome back! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Ella got a Snow White Dress too, so we can do some serious dress up together : )

the kales said...

wow...that is some loot!