Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Day Part 1

We had Christmas in 2 parts because Emily and April had Christmas with the other side of their families in the morning and then came to Mom and Dad's in the afternoon. Rather than make Cadence wait to open her presents, we decided to have her do Santa Claus and the presents from the Andersen side of the family when she woke up on Christmas morning and then do the Wilson side once everyone was there. I'm glad we decided to divide the presents up  because everything she opened she wanted to play with which made the process REALLY long. 

The tree all ready for Christmas morning. 

opening round 1 - her yellow book and baby doll from Santa


She got lots of big girl panties this year (21 pairs) so as soon as the princess ones were opened, off came her pants to get the new panties on :)  She went thru several pairs Christmas day because she kept changing them. I guess that's why you have 21 pairs of panties. 


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