Monday, January 26, 2009


Last night we took Cadence to the bowling alley. We had a friend, Kyndall, who was celebrating her 8th birthday so we all went to go bowling together. But of course before bowling, you have to play some arcade games, right? 

She was great at this one tho, look at all those tickets!!

She had to carry her own ball. 

In the end, she had the highest score of everyone on her lane!  She didn't really care tho. There was some soda, chili cheese fries and popcorn and that makes a good night in Cadence's world. 

Oh yeah, and this car. We don't even know what it was supposed to do but she loved it and played in it most of the time. At one point she wanted me to get in it with her (into the backseat) to which I had to decline with the reason being that I'm too big to fit in the back seat. So, in typical Cadence fashion, she looked at me and with a super serious face said
 "Fine,  then get out."


Elizabeth said...

These pictures are so fun... and her hair is simply adorable. Why is it though that with every post she grows up just a bit more?

Brad Lee said...

"Then get out." ...what to do?

Luke & April said...

HAHAHA.... Only your child would say "fine, then get out!"