Thursday, May 29, 2008

First Pedicure

In keeping with tradition, while we were in Ohio Angie came over to give us pedicures. When we were there in November she painted Cadence's nails and this time gave her her very first pedicure. Cadence loved having her feet in the warm water and then we picked toenail polish. If you know Cadence at all you know her answer for every color is "blue" so of course when we asked her what color polish she wanted the answer was a very confident "blue"  Angie happened to have blue polish with her so Cadence now has very blue toenails. But I think they're super cute. 

Bath Time Fun

This particular bath night was also a hair-washing night and so I tried to get some pics so you can see how long her hair is when it's wet. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This past weekend we spent in Ohio with Chris' parents. We had such a great time and I'll get all the pictures posted so you can see but this post is actually about the ride home. Cadence this weekend, had a major breakthrough with potty training. She can actually make herself pee when you put her on a potty now. Up until this point it had just been if you happened to be diligent enough to get her on the potty around a time when she might need to pee then pee would land in the potty instead of her diaper. However, this weekend all that changed and you can now see her flexing her lower abs to make her bladder contract ( I know you want to know all of this) :)    Anyway, we were driving home yesterday and she had drank a cup of milk as well as 2 juice boxes before we stopped for dinner. So we stop in Virginia and were totally surprised that her diaper was dry!  So we ran into  Wendy's to sit on the potty because she was saying that she needed to go potty. Sure enough, I get her on the potty and she peed so much (probably all the milk and apple juice). As she's finishing this is how the conversation goes

 " You are such a big girl to pee pee like this but I need to know who told you you could grow up so fast because mommy wants you to stay a baby and not be a big girl. So, who said you could be a big girl?"  

She sat on the potty and thought for a minute and then a big smile came across her face and her response was "EMILY!!!"  

 I laughed so hard. so then I say

"i'm gonna beat Emily's butt for telling you you could grow up and
 be a big girl"

She got very upset by this and was like "no mommy, no beat Emily"

Cadence with her precious "Aunt"  Emily

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brandy's Shower

A couple of weekends ago we went to Raleigh because Cadence's Aunt Brandy was in town for her baby shower. It was so great to see the Palahnuks and Emily and Robby. Cadence always has so much fun with everyone. So, these are a few pictures from our fun day. The dress had come in the mail a couple days before from GiGi (the real one) and she had gotten it for Cadence from Cracker Barrel. I think it's so cute.

Cadence and Aunt Brandy looking at the baby stuff. 

 Swinging Elmo outside. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Farty Like a Rock Star!

Hey there everybody, I (Chris) was clearing hard drive space and I found this gem from the Wilson Family Summer Vacation in 2006, which was our last summer before Cadence came and improved our lives.  I know that this goes against the spirit of the blog... this is not a post about little Shae Shae, but if you don't bust a gut watching this there is something seriously wrong with you.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ice Cream

After the baseball game (see post below) we were driving back and passed thru Davidson. Once a year the Ben & Jerry's in Davidson has a free ice cream cone day for the community. So, we stopped to get some ice cream. Cadence thought it was the greatest thing ever and ended up with both Mommy and Daddy's cone (at least for the picture). She really only ate Mommy's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. 

The baseball game

A couple of weeks ago Cadence and I went with Chris' class to a Charlotte Knights Baseball Game. The weather started out really cool but ended up being perfect with the sun keeping you warm but a cool breeze all day long. 

Here are the Charlotte Knights playing the Norfolk Tide. Cadence wanted to be held by her Daddy the entire day. She was pretty scared of the mascots that kept running around and there were just lots noise kids running around so it was pretty overwhelming for her. Fantaiga was so excited that Cadence was there and even let her play with her cell phone AND shared her popcorn with her. Thankfully Cadence really likes Fantaiga so it makes it nice that she will go to her and play with her. 

Allison ready to watch the big game!

Cadence not really having fun :

Ms. Mitchko really paying attention to the game. She is a volunteer that comes in every day to Chris' class to help with the kids just because she loves the kids. She is really amazing. 
They took Tyler out of his wheelchair and put him in a seat in the middle of the other kids. He had so much fun being with all of them. 
Mr. Brown carrying Tyler when it was lunch time. 
Trask got to take one of his 4 wheeler magazines with him to help occupy him throughout the day. This is what he does with a magazine when he really loves it. He literally shreds it into little pieces. 
The magazine under Trask's seat. We would pick up pages of it for him to look at. But what was really interesting is that he would want a certain 4 wheeler picture and we would have to look thru the pages and try to find what he was wanting to see. Then he would tear it up. 
All that was left was the spine of the magazine. 

The mascot that scared Cadence so much. The lion had to do with some school's DARE program but the 2 dragons went with the Knights. 

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The most scared I've ever been in my life

I don't have any pictures of this but I thought I would share regardless. Just a few minutes ago, I was sitting outside checking email. Cadence and Mitchell Larabbee (he's hanging out with us today) were inside watching Napolean Dynamite and had been playing outside and so the back door was open. All of a sudden, two birds flew into our house. I nearly peed my pants (this is not a joke)!!! They were just sitting on top of our refrigerator. Then one of them flew and got stuck in the blinds in the living room. I was about to die with 2 children in my house so I went to my bedroom and shut the door and called Chris. I told him he had to come home righ tnow because there were birds in our house. Then i went back into the living room and the one that was in the blinds was gone. So, I got Mitchell to go into the kitchen to see if there were still birds and he was like "yup there's one sitting on top of the refrigerator" So then it took off flying and went into Cadence's room. So we shut the door and waited until Chris got home.

So, Chris got here like 2 minutes later (but it seemed like 3 days) and we told him that the bird was in Shae's room. Chris said I had to hold up a blanket in front of Shae's door to try and make the bird go out the front door. Well thankfully, when he opened Shae's door the bird was stuck in her blinds so he just shut her door, took out the other screen from the other window and then pulled up the blinds so the bird would fly out the other window.

And now we are bird-free again and I will keep doors closed from now on.