Monday, May 12, 2008

Ice Cream

After the baseball game (see post below) we were driving back and passed thru Davidson. Once a year the Ben & Jerry's in Davidson has a free ice cream cone day for the community. So, we stopped to get some ice cream. Cadence thought it was the greatest thing ever and ended up with both Mommy and Daddy's cone (at least for the picture). She really only ate Mommy's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. 


Elizabeth said...

Not sure what's more precious... the baby doll tucked into her car seat that looks just like the baby doll her mommy used to love... or the little girl with ice cream dripping off her chin in the last picture as she gazes adoringly at the "yummy" ice cream! I love that girl!

Mama said...

Grammie's baby is soooo sweet!