Monday, May 12, 2008

The baseball game

A couple of weeks ago Cadence and I went with Chris' class to a Charlotte Knights Baseball Game. The weather started out really cool but ended up being perfect with the sun keeping you warm but a cool breeze all day long. 

Here are the Charlotte Knights playing the Norfolk Tide. Cadence wanted to be held by her Daddy the entire day. She was pretty scared of the mascots that kept running around and there were just lots noise kids running around so it was pretty overwhelming for her. Fantaiga was so excited that Cadence was there and even let her play with her cell phone AND shared her popcorn with her. Thankfully Cadence really likes Fantaiga so it makes it nice that she will go to her and play with her. 

Allison ready to watch the big game!

Cadence not really having fun :

Ms. Mitchko really paying attention to the game. She is a volunteer that comes in every day to Chris' class to help with the kids just because she loves the kids. She is really amazing. 
They took Tyler out of his wheelchair and put him in a seat in the middle of the other kids. He had so much fun being with all of them. 
Mr. Brown carrying Tyler when it was lunch time. 
Trask got to take one of his 4 wheeler magazines with him to help occupy him throughout the day. This is what he does with a magazine when he really loves it. He literally shreds it into little pieces. 
The magazine under Trask's seat. We would pick up pages of it for him to look at. But what was really interesting is that he would want a certain 4 wheeler picture and we would have to look thru the pages and try to find what he was wanting to see. Then he would tear it up. 
All that was left was the spine of the magazine. 

The mascot that scared Cadence so much. The lion had to do with some school's DARE program but the 2 dragons went with the Knights. 

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