Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trunk or Treat

These blogs are out of order. I'm really bad at organizing before I begin uploading. That being said:

While in Ohio visiting Chris' parents this weekend, there were lots of planned events. We actually Trick-or-treated on Thursday night and then on Friday night went to a local church that was having a trunk-or-treat. In keeping with the night before, Cadence dressed as a cheerleader - only this time a Bucs cheerleader - and again loved the dogs more than the candy. 

Here she is figuring out that the people at the cars are the ones with the candy. 

But then there were puppies and candy was quickly forgotten. 

Posing with Daddy and Mimi

Poses from earlier in the evening with all our new (and some old) friends. 

The picture with her fist out is the one picture that I got of her somewhat posing in her costume. After all the football games we've sat thru, the fist pump was the closest thing we got to an actual cheer. 

The other picture is her cousin Jesse. Jesse lives in Missouri with more of Chris' family and is 6 months younger than Cadence. We're so glad that Uncle joe, Aunt Lisa, Aunt Danielle, and Jesse came over to see us. Cadence is still talking about them (along with baby JackJack). 


The Lourceys said...

I love it, so glad for the updates! I love her cute ponytail!

Elizabeth said...

So cute! It makes me laugh that she loves the puppies most of all.