Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Trick-or-treating came early for Cadence this year. We were in Ohio seeing Chris' parents and in their town, all trick-or-treating was done on Thursday night instead of Friday. So, we drove to Ohio, spent some time hanging out, and then  got Cadence all dressed up in her cheerleading outfit to go and get some candy. She wanted to take Slang, but even with his jacket, he was too cold. :(

Every  year, all the houses on Keith and Cindy's street have a cook out in the cul de sac that they live on and sit together so that trick-or-treaters don't have to go door to door but instead can just walk the line of chairs to collect their candy for the street. While some parents hand out candy, others take their little guys around the rest of the neighborhood to collect candy. We were in the second group. So, here are all the kids ready to go candy collecting. 

Cadence testing her skills in the cul de sac.

and then we were off to the real houses!! Me, Chris and Papa Keith took turns taking her to houses (even tho Keith and Chris did most of the work)  Cadence was so funny because at first she was pretty excited about the whole candy thing. Then she realized that some of the people had dogs in their houses or even outside with them. Well, once there were dogs involved she didn't care nearly as much about the candy. As she went up to houses instead of saying the traditional "trick or treat" she would say "where you puppy?"  Thankfully lots of people had dogs and she got to spend the entire evening giving every dog in Huber Heights, OH hugs and kisses. She's so great!

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Brad Lee said...

Awesome!! She (and you guys) are so much fun! It's delightful (sounds weird, but I didn't want to say "I love") that she cared more for the dogs than for the candy.

Oh, and I love the witch costume! (he he)