Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big News in the Andersen House!!

This post is about poop so if that is gross to you, you should just look at the cute pictures of the girl and skip the words.
Guess who poo poos on the potty?!?  Thanks Mom for the great incentive of popsicles. She LOVES them and I love clean panties!!

SO, the way the system works is that if she poo poos on the potty, she gets a popsicle. We went to the store as a family and Cadence specifically picked out these popsicles. They even have candy in the stick!  So, 2 Sundays ago, we were in this process and once we got to church to set-up she had to go potty. So, we run to the school bathroom and of course she poops and immediately is so excited because all we've talked about for a week is that if she will do this, she can get a popsicle. So, she asks for her popsicle. Well, I didn't plan for poop at church and had no popsicles with me :(   so one of the girls who helps us out and I ran up the road to the grocery store and bought a box of popsicles. We did make her get a box that only had 6 in it. So, I had one, Cadence had one, the other girl had one, and we got to church with 3 popsicles which we gave away and went to the service. 

To date, we're not 100% successful but I would say we're at least 87% and that's miles from where we were so we'll take it. We haven't had an accident since we got home from Ohio on Sunday so that's good with me. 


Renee said...

We're gonna celebrate
your potty with you!!!!

Great Job Shae! Ms. Renee is soooooooooooooooo proud of you!

The Lourceys said...

That popsicle looks so good.

Mama said...

Great Job, and please "Mommy don't pank me"! Grammie's baby is growing up fast!

brandy said...

i want wish..wish i got a treat for using the bathroom haha! I'd be fat!!!