Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not much going on in the Andersen house.

Cadence loves to check the mail. I think mostly because there's usually something for her in it. But lately, she's really fascinated with the whole mail process. Last week we had put something in the mail box to be picked up by the lady but then she went back out because she didn't like the flag up and put it down. So, when Chris checked the mail when he got home from school, our out-going mail was still there too. ARGH!  However, these pictures are of her checking the mail one day a couple of weeks ago. 

Checking to see if it's for her. :)
That one must be Daddy's. And could we check the mail without some kind of dance to go with it?!?!?

Cadence is really into dressing up lately. She loves this Cinderella outfit from KayKay and it has high heels that she wears almost daily. I think she would wear the shoes in public if I let her. She also likes to wear any of our clothes that happen to be laying around on the floor but we don't take many pictures of that because they're not as blog appropriate or as cute as a Cinderella outfit. :)


Luke & April said...

I love that your child dances through life!! I will have to send her Fall package (of Art supplies!!) so she can get mail :)

Elizabeth said...

Um... I don't think you have a very smart mail lady. Seriously? They didn't pick up your outgoing mail just because the flag was down. That's ridiculous! As for your girl, I agree with April... her dances make me laugh.