Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Potty Incentives

So, this whole potty training thing is beginning to drag on in Andersen world so my mom sent Cadence a package in the mail to help her finish up this potty training. 

Going Potty (she just woke up which somewhat explains the hair)

Putting her sticker on the chart. 
We started yesterday afternoon and she was so excited about a reward system that she went 4 times from after her nap until bedtime. 
The other part of the reward (and the one she likes the most)  NANDY!!!!!

As I write this she's in the bathroom with a book trying to go potty again. I think reward systems are going to be the new thing in the Andersen house :)


Elizabeth said...

Love the hair! What a great idea for a potty chart! Hope it's helpful with getting Cadence to go #2 in the potty instead of her pants. :)

Luke & April said...

I love this Big Haired Little Girl so much!!! She is precious! And what a great idea for a reward chart... Mom/Gigi/Grammie is so smart!!

Renee said...

Absolutely Adorable! The reward thing goes a long way! My girls are 11,7 and we still use it. Well....not the potty chart but they graph their independant reading minutes. 15 hours gets you an icecream cone trip with daddy..30 hours a movie date with daddy! The whole daddy date thing goes a long way in our house!! Thing is we have to keep increaseing the time because they read like crazy this year!

mama said...

Grammie's baby is sooooo smart! I knew that she could and would do it if rewarded!!! Love and miss you all!