Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Video

I've put a new video on You Tube. Cadence has learned the song Mary Had a Little Lamb. However, one of her best friends is named Mary so she really thinks that the song is about her friend Mary. So, without being prompted or anything, she began to put in other people's names to have a little lamb too. Lella, Daddy, Mommy. It's pretty funny. She wanted a "piano lesson" because i had several on Friday that she had to wait thru. So we were rdoing her lesson and she was singing and playing. 

Here's the Link.  Cadence's Lesson


Mandy Devine said...

I'm so glad Lella has a lamb too...Must be some developmental milestone to start plugging your friends into this song - Lella thinks all her friends have to have one too. Great video - love the way she actually uses her fingers play - and with such form! Lella's still waiting for her 1st lesson - in her book you're committed "someday".

Elizabeth said...

That girl is so funny! You should check our "Mary Had a Little Lamb" from the library... or just read it when you go to visit Ernie and Bert. Then she could see the pictures that match the words and she could learn the other verses.

I love her You Tube videos, but maybe you should take ShaeShae out of her tags so it won't bring up "other Shae Shaes" in related items. :)

Renee said...

Love these videos!!! I am sure you asked her "What else did you practice this week?" and she said "I pee!" which is always great to practice!!
Shae was quite the leader this morning at church!!She was fantastic!! We had this great story about Adam and Eve and how they ate the food God said not to eat....
Then we had a great lesson about a green frog whose daddy was making cookies and told the little froggie He must wait until after lunch to have a cookie.
But our little froggie wanted a cookie so bad....He could smell the yummy cookies...What should he do? Cadence Jumped right up and yelled "No Froggie...No do not eat cookie!!Don't do it! Don't do it!
Wait for mommy! No Froggie..No right now!
It was awesome!! Good froggie!