Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pics of October

Our pumpkin cookies were so yummy. Cadence mostly liked the candy. She ate if off as fast as I could put it on. I think Candy Corn might be her favorite. Although she doesn't seem too partial. :)

Look at that messy face. We had chocolate all over us before it was over. And all over the table too.

Cadence is much more confortable on the piano than either Mary or Ella but they'r e coming along too. Cadence has a hard time sharing "her " piano but we're working on it.


Luke & April said...

Of course she LOVES candy corns... she's a female in our family!! Have you introduced her to the pumpkins yet? I'm sure those will become her new favorite. I love the piano pics. Those girls are really precious!!

The Lourceys said...

I love candy corn pumpkins. And I love pumpkin cookies. Next year she will like that your making the pumpkin a face, not just that your using candy to do it.

Grammie said...

I love Shae Shae's smile in the last pic, so cute. She is having fun, wish I was there to give Grammie's baby a big hug!