Monday, October 29, 2007

Cut the trash talk...

Ok ....
I get it...
I am not a good blogger.
I admit it and I embrace it.
I told my wife that I had started a blog.  She asked me about my post and all of that.  Well I waited like a month to post again.  That was September 26.  I guess blogging is supposed to be a daily thing to record the events of your life.  I get that.  I guess that I have better things to do like my job, where they are very generous with my computer time and ask very few questions about what I do with my day. Probably because I work.  I am busy accomplishing the things I am required to get done.  I also am trying to leave my office in better condition than when I started there so I occasionally do more work than I am supposed to.  
When I am at home I miss some prime time blogging chances because I get like 45 minutes with my extravagantly beautiful and unbelievably funny daughter, Cadence.  I like that she goes to bed at 8:00 because I get to spend the next 45 minutes with my spectacular and equally funny wife, Ashleigh.  She usually dozes off around nine because she has been chasing and writing jokes with Cadence.  Also I am really a boring person for Ashleigh to be around because I like to talk about baseball, football, apple computers and prophetic versus priestly trends in worship leading.  For get about science and math related topics.  Ashleigh is probably the most generous person I know because she listens to me and seems to be interested in what I am talking about all the while sitting and watching baseball games with me.  
Let me see if I have completed my blog checklist:
-Ranted about how I am too busy and important to blog (check)
-Subtly tried to make the point that those who blog probably don't have jobs or anything else better to do (check)
-Talked about my amazing family using words that seem a little out of place. (check)
-Creating a check list because I am trying to be funny and witty so my sisters-in-law will leave nice comments.  (check) Actually that check is conditional on the aforementioned comments!
The only thing I have trouble with is putting a funny movie or picture in my blog. 
Perhaps someone can help me with that.  
For now just imagine a really cute, curly-headed little girl singing "doh-doh-doh"  after hearing her daddy tell his wife about that one of his bass guitar students would be playing "Silent Night" for the upcoming Christmas Recital.  
Sing it yourself, low and use the syllable "doh" instead of the words.  It is a lot of fun really!

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elizabeth said...

I'll admit - blogging (and reading other people's blogs) can be addictive. But there are usually many other reasons why I'm a slacker and don't "check" things off my to-do list... like going back to sleep in the morning when Shannon leaves for work at 5:45am or like watching Discovery channel at night.