Monday, October 29, 2007

My wife is wicked funny!

I know.
I just implied that blogging was for jobless losers.
Here I am at work posting for the second time this hour...
By the way have you noticed my grasp of the blogging lingo...
Here is what my beautiful, talented, phlegmatic wife emailed to me after reading my last post... 

Hey good job blogging but I thought you were working at work.............................;)
I'm glad you somehow found time to update your blog as well.  Let's see as far as my checklist for the day:

read other people's blogs (check)
Look at our bank statement (check)
feed your daughter both breakfast and lunch (check)
teach Elizabeth (check)
Clean off the desk (CHECK) You will be very pleased
mop the kitchen floor (check)
unload the dishwasher (check)
reload the dishwasher (check)
come up with supper for my family (check)
play in the sandbox (check)
push a swing (check, check, check)
hold Agnes (check)
do my Bible Study (check)
get Cadence to take a nap (check)

so maybe people that tread blogs do more in a day than just read blogs,
maybe we just read fast and then be productive, maybe.........................


touche my dear, you are right!

Turns out she is 
funnier than I thought

Oh yeah I figured out how to add pictures...


Luke & April said...

Ashleigh is definitely the funny one, maybe she should do more blogging... And for the record I have done a ridiculous amount of work today, and managed to check all of my sister's blogs (Em get with the program... your last post is super old!)

The Lourceys said...

I am glad you updated your blog. I thought you were mad we added your blog to our pages without asking. It's true that we can read/write blogs and get lots done. I have a list similar to Ashleigh's. Rob and I won't be blogging for awhile unless I do it here at work (yes, I'm at work) because our computer is back with the Geek Squad. Maybe you should update about stuff we don't know about, like your new church and what you're doing there. I'm not sure I know exactly.