Friday, March 7, 2014

November Phone Dump

November?!?  Where did you go?? and how is it March and you're just making it onto the blog??

oh well, life goes on...

In case you can't tell what is going on here, that is a big brother torturing a little sister by taking her picture while she's asleep!

These were the attempts of a picture of Chris and I to go on our Christmas card. 

A couple attempts by a child….

A couple selfie attempts….

and finally the testing and taking with the self timer on our good camera. 

In other news, Olivia has decided that she LOVES babies!  and often carries around multiple of them. If only she could learn to dress them herself, that would be awesome ;)

I love this big girl and the way she chooses to do school. and if it's nice weather in November, maybe you should just do school on the swing set!

Our little Indians from Preschool. 
We also had a 3 year old Pilgrim who decided he didn't want his picture taken!

This baby loves his big sister!

Buying a new Christmas Tree somehow turned into a family affair. It makes me laugh that we're the family who requires 2 race car carts to go to Lowes :)

Creed Samuel AKA SuperHero Guy

Duck Dynasty Andersen Style - Complete with pelican

Our Thankful Wreath for 2013. My favorite parts may always be that Olivia was thankful for Jesus. every. day.   and Caleb was generally thankful for whatever food he had eaten that day.

No clean bowls in the house for popcorn? No problem!  Sometimes you can dump a bag of popcorn on the floor and the littles will eat it right up! But only sometimes ;)

The Andersen Girls

These boys..may they always be the best of friends,
 be able to make space ships and weapons out of tomato stakes, and look super cute in their underwear!

Little Man has totally captured our hearts and occasionally scares the mess out of us - like when he decides to climb the ladder Daddy is using to hang Christmas lights. 

Creed is one day going to be the coolest electric guitar player around - you heard it hear first!!

and finally, our Christmas Tree!!! Complete with colored lights  - because our kids happiness is more important to us than having a nice looking tree!

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