Friday, March 7, 2014

Cadence's Baptism

In December as we were announcing that baptism was coming up and Chris was teaching the kids at church about baptism, Cadence came to us and expressed that she would like to be baptized. 
We were so glad to begin dialogue with her about it. 

In Kindergarten, under the instruction of Mrs. Behr on her videos for school, she had heard the salvation message and all by herself prayed to be forgiven of her sins and for Jesus to be the Lord of her life. She told us this the day she did it and we celebrated with her and praised God for her decision. However, we didn't push the baptism piece of it. Because we believe that baptism is the public symbol of what Jesus has done in your life, we wanted her to be able to decide when she wanted to go public with her decision. Now, if you asked her about it, she would have told you that she had Jesus in her heart - and we believe that she did - but still we wanted her to decide about baptism on her own. 

So, in december as her Daddy taught about it, she decided that she was ready to tell everyone that she was a follower of Jesus. and we gladly agreed with her! It has been an honor to watch her growth over the past couple of years as a "new believer" I love being able to watch her wrestle her flesh and know that she can overcome it because of Who is in her. I love watching her, over and over again, choose to honor the Lord with her actions, words, and decisions and I pray that this is something that will continue her entire life. 

So, baptism day came and she was so excited to have her Daddy baptize her!

I'm so glad that her Daddy is also her Pastor and that he's the kind of man who she can really look to as an example of who Jesus is and how He loves. 

Keep pushing, little girl, and keep fighting for what is right. 
Because in the end our prize is Jesus and He's totally worth it!!

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