Saturday, November 2, 2013

Farm Day

Every year at preschool instead of dressing up for Halloween, the school does a "farm day" complete with petting zoo, party, crafts,  and the opportunity to dress up like a farmer. Farmers times 3 is a little tricky but with a  little creativity and friends letting us borrow overalls, we pulled it off!! 

and i think we had 3 of the cutest little farmers around :)

I accidentally double-booked myself for the Farm Day parties in Olivia and Caleb's class so I ran back and forth between them to help out. Thankfully I was signed up to do cookies and drinks for both so at least the food could be the same!

Liv wasn't super excited that I was in her class for the party but she endured  when we pulled out cookies with candy on top of them and capri suns :)

 Liv and her friend Emma were dressed alike and we should have gotten a picture of them BEFORE Emma's mom left the party - because they were cute but she was sad :(

Caleb was THRILLED that I was in his class. ANd while he also only liked the candy on his cookie, at least he was glad to see me  :)  I had so much fun talking with his friends about what they were going to be for Halloween and how old they all were. It's fun to see him just be a "normal" 4 year old...

Another trip to Florida

Sometimes there's a few day period where lots of fun gets crammed in all at once and you just feel like you need to be there for it. This past weekend, in Florida, was one of those time periods. When you take into account that Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Shannon are in the US with baby Rebeka for the first time,  a good friend had a "home" football game that I wanted to see, there was a trip to the pumpkin patch planned, Mace was getting Dedicated, and it was Olivia's birthday all at the same time, it seemed like a really good reason to head south. So, early Friday morning, the kids and I did!

We met up with friends on Friday, visited with them, had a chaotic dinner with Grannie and Poppa, and then went to a ball game - all after driving to FL - and while it was a super fun day, I didn't take a single picture :( But it was still fun and we were so glad to get to visit with so many people in one day!

and the we went to yellow GiGi and Poppa's….where Saturday morning we officially got to meet Rebeka!  Rebeka was born in May but because it was in Prague, we haven't been able to get our hands on her until this past weekend. 
Cadence was immediately in love with her - and so was her Aunt Ashleigh :)

We packed up and went over to Hunsaders - a pretty fun pumpkin patch in Bradenton. 

The boys were scoping out the pony rides before it was their turn. Creed opted out of a ride (no surprise there) but the others took a go at it. 

Uncle Luke made it lots of fun for Caleb, Cadence is plenty big to ride a horse by herself, 

Olivia didn't enjoy the horse so much…..

and then after their ride, everyone watched Mace take a turn!

After pony rides, the kids took some time to figure out the hay bale maze!

I love that Shaun makes his own path to get around….
and that Olivia was so excited when she found her way out!

Grammie/GiGi and some of her babies :)

Then Cousin Addie met up with us so we tried again to get a picture with all of ours and her too…..
this was the best I got…..

These 2 are going to be so much fun as they get older, I just know it!

we watched a motorcycle show 
and I was so grateful for Uncles who made it easier for the boys to see the show

Popcorn is a great snack, as was cold lemonade, kettle corn, hot dogs, and the snacks that GiGi had packed to bring :) 

and this picture isn't great but I just so loved that all the cousins were playing together in Mace's room that I wanted it documented. We have waited a long time and prayed a lot that there would be a room in Aunt April's house that would be fun for kids to play in and God has certainly answered that prayer!!

Speaking of, another part of the weekend was Mace's dedication service. It was actually a lot of kids Dedication :) but we were there for Mace!!  and afterward, this is the family shot of all of us who were there for the event. He certainly doesn't lack for people to love him!  I love to think of how creatively and perfectly our extended family has been put together…we are so thrilled to be a part of a journey where God is redeeming orphans and rewriting stories in ways that only He can. 

Livie is 3!!!

This was our first year having the chance to celebrate Olivia's birthday. It's crazy to think that her birth and 2 other birthdays have come and gone in her life and we didn't know about them and don't know how she was celebrated. Because there's nothing we can do about that part of it, we are choosing to celebrate her well from now on!!  So, her birthday celebrations kicked off with a party at school. 

Olivia loves school so much - probably more than any kid we've ever had - and so Chris and I were really looking forward to being about to go into her class, meet her friends, and get a glimpse into her world. Our kids are finally old enough to realize that birthdays are a day that you get some options on how you want your day to go and Olivia has consistently asked for a Hello Kitty birthday, so we were more than happy to oblige her!

So, off to school we went with her Hello Kitty stuff and cupcakes!
Mrs. Lori came by to let the birthday sweater sing Happy Birthday to her. 
and then we all sang it to her again. 

It was awesome to get a glimpse into her world at school and we are so thrilled that she is thriving! She's a great helper, always gets a special snack for helping clean up, is kind to her friends, and her teachers love her.

Once we got home from preschool we had planned to celebrate with Daddy. Because her actual birthday is October 26 and we were planning to be in Florida on the 26th with Chris staying home, Liv just got an extended birthday!

So, opening presents with Daddy began….

Aunt Lisa had sent her something in the mail too so she got to open that
 and loved both of her new kitties :)

More cupcakes!! Cupcakes twice in a day is Olivia's perfect day!

So, the next day we drove to Florida to spend the weekend doing all kinds of fun stuff (another post) and one of those fun things was Olivia's birthday!! She woke up Saturday morning to more presents waiting on her and she was so excited. Because when you're 3, a girl really can't have too much Hello Kitty stuff :)

Same day later on, the birthday celebrations continued at Aunt April's house with cousins!  Well, technically Rebeka was sleeping but we celebrated with Mace anyway. Aunt Lizzie decorated and the boys basically destroyed the balloons….because that's what brothers do...

and then there were a few more gifts where she had some "help" getting them opened. By Cadence, Mace, and Uncle Shannon :)

after presents we headed to the pool!! Because if you're in Florida in October and it's your birthday its always an option to go swimming!! So, we took the option :)  Actually the water was FREEZING but the kids had fun playing in it anyway. 

and just because it's funny and cute and such a real part of poor Caleb's life - a butt shot! One day he may be able to keep pants up but not in this season of life…

Either way, Olivia, we are so glad that you are a part of our family. It is one of our greatest joys to see you find your "spot" in our craziness. You are helpful, sweet, a little pouty, independent, and getting to be a bigger girl every day and we are thrilled for the front row seat to watch the story that God has written for your life unfold day by day.