Saturday, November 2, 2013

Farm Day

Every year at preschool instead of dressing up for Halloween, the school does a "farm day" complete with petting zoo, party, crafts,  and the opportunity to dress up like a farmer. Farmers times 3 is a little tricky but with a  little creativity and friends letting us borrow overalls, we pulled it off!! 

and i think we had 3 of the cutest little farmers around :)

I accidentally double-booked myself for the Farm Day parties in Olivia and Caleb's class so I ran back and forth between them to help out. Thankfully I was signed up to do cookies and drinks for both so at least the food could be the same!

Liv wasn't super excited that I was in her class for the party but she endured  when we pulled out cookies with candy on top of them and capri suns :)

 Liv and her friend Emma were dressed alike and we should have gotten a picture of them BEFORE Emma's mom left the party - because they were cute but she was sad :(

Caleb was THRILLED that I was in his class. ANd while he also only liked the candy on his cookie, at least he was glad to see me  :)  I had so much fun talking with his friends about what they were going to be for Halloween and how old they all were. It's fun to see him just be a "normal" 4 year old...

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