Saturday, November 2, 2013

Livie is 3!!!

This was our first year having the chance to celebrate Olivia's birthday. It's crazy to think that her birth and 2 other birthdays have come and gone in her life and we didn't know about them and don't know how she was celebrated. Because there's nothing we can do about that part of it, we are choosing to celebrate her well from now on!!  So, her birthday celebrations kicked off with a party at school. 

Olivia loves school so much - probably more than any kid we've ever had - and so Chris and I were really looking forward to being about to go into her class, meet her friends, and get a glimpse into her world. Our kids are finally old enough to realize that birthdays are a day that you get some options on how you want your day to go and Olivia has consistently asked for a Hello Kitty birthday, so we were more than happy to oblige her!

So, off to school we went with her Hello Kitty stuff and cupcakes!
Mrs. Lori came by to let the birthday sweater sing Happy Birthday to her. 
and then we all sang it to her again. 

It was awesome to get a glimpse into her world at school and we are so thrilled that she is thriving! She's a great helper, always gets a special snack for helping clean up, is kind to her friends, and her teachers love her.

Once we got home from preschool we had planned to celebrate with Daddy. Because her actual birthday is October 26 and we were planning to be in Florida on the 26th with Chris staying home, Liv just got an extended birthday!

So, opening presents with Daddy began….

Aunt Lisa had sent her something in the mail too so she got to open that
 and loved both of her new kitties :)

More cupcakes!! Cupcakes twice in a day is Olivia's perfect day!

So, the next day we drove to Florida to spend the weekend doing all kinds of fun stuff (another post) and one of those fun things was Olivia's birthday!! She woke up Saturday morning to more presents waiting on her and she was so excited. Because when you're 3, a girl really can't have too much Hello Kitty stuff :)

Same day later on, the birthday celebrations continued at Aunt April's house with cousins!  Well, technically Rebeka was sleeping but we celebrated with Mace anyway. Aunt Lizzie decorated and the boys basically destroyed the balloons….because that's what brothers do...

and then there were a few more gifts where she had some "help" getting them opened. By Cadence, Mace, and Uncle Shannon :)

after presents we headed to the pool!! Because if you're in Florida in October and it's your birthday its always an option to go swimming!! So, we took the option :)  Actually the water was FREEZING but the kids had fun playing in it anyway. 

and just because it's funny and cute and such a real part of poor Caleb's life - a butt shot! One day he may be able to keep pants up but not in this season of life…

Either way, Olivia, we are so glad that you are a part of our family. It is one of our greatest joys to see you find your "spot" in our craziness. You are helpful, sweet, a little pouty, independent, and getting to be a bigger girl every day and we are thrilled for the front row seat to watch the story that God has written for your life unfold day by day. 

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