Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Rest of Vacation

This post pretty much is just random of the pictures that I had from vacation (thanks to April actually taking some pictures of our vacation). So, if it seems random, it is!

To start off our vacation we had a big family party at the beach. It was to celebrate all the Summer birthdays and Caleb's adoption. I loved starting vacation seeing most of the family at one time! Sadly Cadence was sick so she and Chris missed the fun. But the rest of us had a great time.

Dad, I know you'll hate this picture of you and Creed sleeping but I love it and want Creed to know that he got to take naps at the beach with his Poppa ;)

They LOVED this big tub at the Fountains! How can you go wrong with 2 of your favorite people in a bath tub with you? :)

What Vacation Should Look Like!

This was part of Caleb Shaun's Birthday. He absolutely loves both Veggie Tales and Mr. Potato Head so the combination of those 2 things was fantastic!

The POOL - what could be more fun than a pool with a Daddy in it?

Grammie brought the hook up with these ice cream cones. Sadly, Caleb wasn't real sure of how to eat it....... it still went down just a little differently than how I would have done it! What was hilarious was than when the ice cream would fall out of the top because he took a bite of the side, he would just pick up the glob of ice cream and put it back in :)


Seriously? How is she this big?

Thank You Lord for vacation with these 3- although it's not nearly as relaxing as it used to be, it's definitely worth the exhaustion to have these crazies with us!

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Elizabeth said...

I love...

Cadence's curls and that she has 2 little brothers (I wouldn't know what that's like)

Caleb Shaun's skinny legs and his approach to eating an ice cream cone

Creed Samuel's bald head and chunky thighs

Dad and Creed sleeping together.