Friday, August 5, 2011

Other than Birthdays......

Other than birthdays lately, life has gone on as usual. Here are some pictures of the past few days and some of our fun(ner) moments.

Creed (aka Guy Smiley) is happy most of the time. His unhappy moments come when he's tired, being slammed into the floor by his brother, or being told "no no" He also loves to eat everything! including chalk :)

It RAINED! It's been so hot lately (in the 100's) and last Sunday it finally rained. The kids and I were playing outside when another rain blew up so we decided to play in it! The thumbs up from Caleb is a new thing but a sure sign that he is really enjoying something. We love it. Here is a VIDEO we took of Cadence doing a dance in the rain.

and these boys!.........I'm not sure of what to do with them some days but we're grateful for them and the relationship they are forming. Granted, it's usually being formed over things that aren't right like pulling all the DVD's off the shelf, or emptying a box of whales on the floor, or eating lots of dog food. Either way, we're learning what life is like with boys.


mama said...

I love seeing Caleb Shaun army crawl, he looked like a giant spider! LOL

DON'T let my babies eat dog food! You don't want me to come up there......

Elizabeth said...

You've got your work cut out for you... :)

And I agree with Mom about Caleb's crawling. It made me laugh.

I want to see his new braces!