Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cleaning off the Camera

There hasn't been a whole lot of excitement at the Andersen Crib lately. Just normal summer stuff. However, we're gearing up for Caleb Shaun's adoption party and so I was cleaning off the camera memory card and found all these unblogged treasures :) So, I thought you might want to see them too!

We got a new pool (that involved some drama) but this is the original pool with Cadence and some friends playing in it one afternoon. She has really enjoyed being able to swim at our house and it has literally kept her entertained for hours! Here is a VIDEO of her and a friend showing off their mad diving skills.

This is hands down Caleb's favorite cabinet to play in. We don't know why.

Big Mary came over to play one day and I guess that Cadence captured some of their fun! She loves big Mary because she has long hair and lets Cadence fix it, even when she gets the brush caught in it over and over...

Big Mary is fabulous with the boys too and so we let her hang out with them :) Creed loves to sleep with big Mary in the nursery at church and at our house too! Big Mary laughs at Cadence's jokes - no small feat - and so we love that about her too!

Some self-portraits by Cadence Shae Andersen

Caleb being his cute self!

Someone entertaining the boys in the car. I think this was on the way back from a long trip and we were a little stir-crazy!

The boyz morning routine.


mama said...

These pics make me miss y'all all the more! They are growing so fast, love those smiles........ :)

Elizabeth said...

Hands down one of my favorite posts in a long time. You should dump your camera card more often!

Cadence's hair looks so long in those pool pics. And I know it's a sin to be jealous, but I'm wishing I was Big Mary in every one of those pictures. I would let your girl braid my hair and I would love for Creed to fall asleep in my arms! :)

Creed's farmer tan in that picture of the two of you is adorable, Caleb Shaun looks almost angelic in that morning photo on the couch, and in that same picture I love how Creed's blonde peach fuzz shimmers in the light.

I miss you Andersens.