Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We started this journey like this, young, dumb, and having no idea of what God had in store for us. The journey has ben incredible and there is no one in on this entire planet that I would rather share it with.

We added Slang to the mix (a dumb part) and became a quasi-family of 3

5 years and 600 miles later, God gave us this "gift" and the journey began to get exciting.

Everyone watched you grow into a more Godly man and Daddy when you stepped out to love these little guys like they were your own.

Then, this adventure showed up and we all learned how to love like Jesus does, even when we're terrified and only have faith to lean on. You led us well and taught me so much about unconditional, fearless love.

And our family looked like this.

Then just a little while later, this ridiculous surprise/miracle, healing showed up on a stick! and you led us all thru another transition for our family. You stepped up and loved me thru pregnancy, and tiredness, and labor, and learning to breastfeed, more sleepless nights, and way more than I could write down.

and he looked like this!

You have learned so much in the last 40 years! You wear a tie at the right time, make a great snowman, take care of sick babies like it's nobody's business, and love us so well. Thanks for all you do. If you're just at 40, I can't wait to see what God does with and thru you in the next 40 years!



Shannon said...

Ashleigh, great post and gift to your husband. Thank you for sharing with all of us how you feel.

Chris, I have to tell you that I am impressed and inspired by you. You do live out so much that is praiseworthy and admirable. I am proud to have you as a brother-in-law and I look forward to the next 40 (well, maybe 30... that next ten will be rough I fear!) years of God's working too. Thank you for being you and letting God shape all of the goodness he's given you and "work on" the rest.

Elizabeth said...

This is beautiful. I love the way you recounted your journey together. Your kids will love reading this one day and being reminded of how awesome their dad is. Happy 40th birthday Chris! :)