Thursday, February 10, 2011

V-Day Photoshoot

Every year I try to get a picture of the Andersen kids around Valentine's Day. This used to be a fun endeavor - back when there was one cute little girl who loves to have her picture taken.......
Since adding boys, this picture has turned out to be more of a chore than a fun afternoon with cute kids. However, we press on! determined to get a picture. This year it took 42 attempts to get something that I could settle on. Here are some of the outtakes for your viewing pleasure :)

Yes, Caleb Shaun is drumming on Creed's head - another reason that I'm grateful to only have sisters!

So,as you can tell by the majority of the pictures, one Andersen was less cooperative than the other 2. As a result of this, Chris and I thought that this was our best option/representation of the holiday :)

Happy Valentines Day! Love the Andersens.


Luke & April said...

These pics are awesome!!! Caleb Shaun can't help it... he's a 1 year old boy, he doesn't want to sit still : ) Love these babies so much!!

The Lourceys said...

You'd never guess who the 1 year old is.

Elizabeth said...

You guys are nuts!!! :) Poor Caleb, he can't help it. I blame the double ear infections... though I'm sure it had as much to do with his one-year-old-ness.

The picture of their 3 heads together is super cute too!

Happy Valentine's Day to the Andersens!!!

Anthony & Sharon said...

Wow! I check all the Wilson girls' blogs every now and then through Elizabeth's links. Couple things...
1. Creed looks ridiculously similar to Cadence. The eyes? The nose? Maybe you don't think so. But it's just too fun to me!

2. These pics are fantastic. Caleb is at the same stage as Isaiah. Really I think he cries for the majority of his day. No one told me colic could start at 18 months!

3. That last picture just makes me laugh. I totally get it. I was there today, and yesterday. So precious!

Happy late Valentines Day Andersens!

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