Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines Day and a voice only a mother could love :)

We have a Valentine's Day tradition in the Andersen home that was started probably 6 years ago. For Valentine's Day we order chinese food, eat it out of the boxes, and Chris gets a new "chick flick" to add to our collection. He's always done a great job and it takes all the commercialism and pressure out of a pretty much meaningless holiday. This year was the first year that we've included Cadence in the tradition - she usually goes to bed before we get started. Chris' movie choice was The Princess Bride on blu-ray. We lost our DVD copy and so this was a great choice in my opinion! Cadence was so excited because we got out the sleeping bags AND we got to eat in the living room. As you can see, she was very excited and VERY into the movie :)

This next video has nothing to do with Valentine's Day but was so funny to me that I figured you could get a laugh out of it too. I had set Cadence up to watch a movie - Annie - on my laptop because had 2 early appointments on Tuesday (speech therapist and guardian ad lidem). So, she was watching Annie with headphones on. When it got to the part of the movie where Annie and Daddy Warbucks sing "Tomorrow" with FDR and his wife, she had several little people watching the movie with her and she was singing along with "tomorrow" By the time I found the camera the song was mostly over but I did catch a little bit of it to share.

*when she says "i'm annie" she's talking to her little people lined up on the computer :)
Click HERE to watch


The Lourceys said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That video is hilarious! And her hair is humongous!

mama said...

Love those traditions! You have to get the entire song sometime, it is priceless!

Elizabeth said...

I love your Valentine's tradition... and you look so pretty holding Shaun in that picture. As for your girl... you really MUST get the entire song. One day she'll find it hysterical to watch herself. :)