Friday, October 24, 2008

2 packages in 1 day!!

With it being a new season, lots of new packages begin to show up in the mail for Shae.  This week we got 2 in the same day and Cadence thought it was her birthday or something. 

This one was from Abba Lou. It was a "fall package" ;)  with art supplies and a new outfit in it. Cadence was kind of excited about the paint but I don't think she really knows what to do with it. But the outfit, she was all about and wanted to put on immediately. 

So, later in the day this package was in the mailbox and it was from GiGi. (notice the different's the one from April)  she LOVES the new movie - it's POOH and TIGGER!!  with like 4 episodes and so we get to watch them often now. And the Dora stickers - we wear them everyday :)

The confetti she loved and kept organizing the different pieces and lining them up. it was really funny. Oh yeah, and the shirt, it's already been worn and needs to be washed so as to be worn again. Yay for light up shirts!!

**  Kay Kay also has sent a Halloween package. It came last week and Cadence loved the plate and sesame street coloring book in it too. She eats on the plate every day and gets upset if she doesn't get to use it. However, I couldn't find the camera and since she was awake when the mail came she wanted to immediately open it. So, we have no pictures of her actually opening the package from KayKay but she did love it. 

It's ridiculous when the mail lady knows your kid by name because she gets so many packages. We're so blessed that Shae Shae has so many people who love her and think of her and making her day by sending her  a package in the mail to open. So, thanks for that. 

Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Video!!

Here's another video. On this day she was watching Baby Einstein and I walked in to find her dong this. :) I love the amount of rhythm she has. 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sand Box

This is kind of an old post but it's still fun to see her playing in the sand box. Click here to see a video of her playing too. It's cold here now so she has to wear clothes when she goes outside. But on this day, it must have been warm. I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Busch Gardens!

The words about the day are actually further down in the post. I think you can find them in the middle of ALL the pictures. (there are lots of them)

Playing in the water. 

Our sweet babies. 


The Animals

Looking at the animals. 

The horses - Kagan slept thru them but Rylee and Cadence loved them. 

More pics from their super fun day. I wasn't there but from what I understand, the animals were a big hit with everyone. Cadence didn't like the water but Kagan and Rylee loved it. They also got to eat hot dogs, icees, and pudding (which is a really big deal in 2 year old world)

These are completely backwards. But this is the start of the day. Mom had matching shirts with animals on them. Cadence had a zebra and Kagan had a monkey. Cadence even had super cute hairbows that were shaped like zebras from Aunt Emily. 

Thanks mom (aka Gigi, aunt tricia) and Aunt Debbie (aka Mimi) for taking the kids on such a fun day. We will hear about it for months to come i'm sure :)