Sunday, October 5, 2008

The "Punkin" Patch Part 1

Every Wednesday Chris' class goes on a field trip to a different place in Mooresville. Sometimes it's the Library or the Hardware store, just something local and interesting (kind of). This past week they all went out to one of the local Pumpkin Patches.   Cadence and I decided to join them.

Cadence posing in a tree and with pumpkins. 

They were all picking pumpkins out of the patch to help decorate the school. 

Group Shot

Another Group shot :)      And the Andersens

There was a kitty running around who was the hit of the day for Cadence as well as several of the kids. Cadence loved the cat, but it played kind of rough and she did end up with a couple of scratches as well. 

She loves to help push the wheel chairs. 

This Wednesday we go back to the same place and we're going on a hay ride so stay tuned for more pictures!!!


Patricia said...

Be careful about letting a strange cat scratch her, she could get cat scratch fever! This looks like a fun place, she is super cute being a big helper with the kids!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you guys have "field trips" to go on... especially fun ones like the pumpkin patch! Her pictures are super cute - as always. I loved the "behind" group shot. ;) And I'm so glad Shae is able to be involved with Chris' kids... most 2 year olds never get the chance to help push a wheelchair.

One question for you... where's Fantasia?

Renee said...

Fantastic Pictures! Look likes you guys are having a fantastic fall!