Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Painting "Punkins"

Cadence's friends Mary and Emily came over on Tuesday to paint pumpkins. I don't think that Cadence has ever painted before so it was a brand new experience for her. She had so much fun!!  and the poor pumpkins got decorated in some interesting ways :)

Poor Emily just had to hang out in her seat

Here's some more pumpkins being painted. 

However, after a while painting pumpkins got boring to the girls and they decided that it would be more fun to paint themselves and the sidewalk. 

Here's a full body painting of Mary.  and lots of pictures of the girls having too much fun

This was Cadence's big pumpkin. She loved the pink the most and then afterward decided to add some other colors to it. 


Patricia said...

Shae Shae looks like an Indian with war paint! So Fun, brings back lots of Fall memories! Love you, Mama aka GiGi

Brad Lee said...

I've heard of burning both ends of the candle, but never painting like this!