Saturday, March 8, 2008

Random new pics of Shae

Cadence LOVES cake and so since she has asked for it all week, I made her a cake last night and put chocolate frosting on it for Daddy (Chris). This is what her face and jacket looked like after her cake. she said it was "yummy"
Mrs. Brianna in the nursery at church puts things on her head and then pretend sneezes to blow them off. Cadence and Nurah love this game and so now Cadence does it all the time. This time the object on her head was a cell phone. But it could be socks, a spoon, blocks, really anything that will stay on her head long enough for her to sneeze it off.

She took pencil to the walls this week during one of my piano lessons and I was trying to get a picture of her with her artwork. It didn't show up because it's just pencil but you will just have to believe me that all around her in this picture is pencil markings that she said were "pretty"

Looking at Daddy and not the camera

Chris was cleaning out the garage and she wanted to play outside with him. She found his hard hat and HAD to wear it. She's also wearing a toboggan under the hard hat. She loves hats and wants to wear them often.

Working on the lights for "The MIX" our new Middle School service at church.


Anonymous said...
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Brad Lee said...

I'm so glad that this week when I do my blog checking, you're making your precious child a cake, and not making her cry! Good job!

Love the work gear borrowed from Daddy!