Monday, March 31, 2008

An Equine Easter

Chris Here! Ashleigh and Cadence are in Florida. I paused Star Wars long enough to put together some footage of our Easter Weekend. Enjoy!


Mama said...

That was GREAT! I must say I enjoyed it, the "My Girl" theme is too cute! Chris you are amazing, loved the Sleeping Dog Productions!

Elizabeth said...

Too fun! I must admit my favorite part is Slang's obvious excitement over the whole affair. :) Thanks for giving us a glimpse at life with the Andersen's! Hearing Ashleigh laugh made me laugh - are you still calling the horse "Corny"? I saw those little horsies on the bathroom sink when we "stopped by" and wondered what they were from! And while your comment about pausing Star Wars provoked a chuckle, I KNOW you did more than watched the Jedi... you baked cookies! ;)