Thursday, February 21, 2008

Still no Camera

So, no new pictures of the girl. Which is really a shame because she is full of personality this week. We went to starbucks yesterday because we were in Target and she tried once again to order a coke. I was embarrassed because she gets pretty demanding about it points her finger and everything the whole time persistently saying "I coke" She even added in "please" and the poor girl behind the counter felt really bad but I just took my mocha and left. ;)

Also, this has been a big couple of weeks with Chris and Mosaic. Last Monday was his first 412 service (which is our high school once a month gathering at the theatre) It went really well except I showed up 20 minutes late with the pizza and messed up the whole schedule - oops

and then on Sunday we kicked off "The Mix" which is a service specifically for Middle Schoolers that goes on during the 11:00 service. We had over 20 middle schoolers there which we were really excited about for it being the first one. It was lots of fun and we did worship with a band and then Chris preached and of course there was Guitar Hero because I'm almost convinced that you can't have youth group without it.

That's really all that's been going on in our worlds. Maybe Emily will mail us our camera and we can post pictures again because I know that's really the only reason you look at this blog


The Lourceys said...

Not true. I love the stories just as much. And I'm mailing the camera in like an hour. So sorry I'm a slacker.

relying on God said...

last part is definitely not true

Luke & April said...

I must say I LOVE that your child nows how to order her one "coke". She is definitely your child!!

Kelli Howell said...

Hmmmm...I remember going to disney with my little Louren and ashleigh telling me to go & ride a ride with Jared & Mark while she watched Louren. Little did I know that by the time I got off that ride the damage had been done...Louren is now a coke-a-holic! All it took was 50 sips of ashleigh's coke!