Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I got my camera back!!!

OK, now that I have my camera. The Ohio trip is old news However, theses are a few of my favorites from the weekend with our family.

Emily posing with Liz's flowers. Waiting on Liz to come in to see her surprise. Fun at the park (it was really alot of fun)
I find it's always important to have a picture of your child with a machine gun on her plane:)

Mom and Emily trying to balance on the see saw

Shannon smoked Liz on climbing over this chain thing - he should be on American GladiatorsAnd then we went to the candy shop which Cadence LOVED

Here we are all picking out our candy
Shae found hers!!

The Birthday Girl

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Kelli Howell said...

Cadence is sure one cute & loved kiddo!