Friday, October 21, 2016

Grammie went out of her way to hook us up this year with these awesome bags for trick or treating! Throw in a Super Hero Costume x5 and we are good to go!

Everyone got to pick a Super Hero they wanted to be this year :) 
Our very own SuperGirl, Tony Stark aka IronMan

 Cutest Captain America around (with his sock gloves) 

 CatWoman and SpiderMan rounded out this Motley Crew...

our Annual Picture at Mrs. Karens House :) followed by trick or Treating, a fire, chili and hot dogs... all with some of our very favorite peeps in the world! 

That plus candy from strangers sure does make for a pretty awesome Halloween!!!

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!

One of our very favorite thing about October (other than the birthdays and cooler weather, and costumes) is PUMPKINS!!!  We LOVE pumpkins and every activity that comes with them! 

One of our favorite things to do is to paint pumpkins! So, it's become a tradition for everyone to pick out a pumpkin to paint just the way they want to. 

Cadence's methods are a little more thought out than the littles :) 

 Along with painting pumpkins, we also tried our hand at carving a pumpkin!  

That didn't go overly, while Daddy carved, the kids drew picture of pumpkins 

Everyone approved of the final product! 
Happy Fall!!!

Charis Turns 4!

Our sweet, sweet Charis Sophia had a birthday coming up and all she has talked about for months is having a Frozen Birthday. So, Frozen is what she got!! She was so sweet and wanted to have a tea party with her friend Emma, Emmas big sister Ally, and her big sister Cadence. We love that she wanted to include the big sisters :) 

So, plans were made, all things Frozen were dreamed up and we were on our way!!

a Frozen themed cake ;) 

 Frozen presents!!

Frozen Candy Apples
Frozen Costumes...

  More Frozen presents that included, clothes, cups and new bedding for her bed! 

We are so glad to have this Ana and Elsa loving little girl in our family. She's a better princess than they could ever be. Happy Birthday Charis Sophia! We love you so much!!

Farm Day

At Preschool, the Halloween alternative is Farm Day. 
So, this year, we had 2 little farmers ready to have lots of fun!! 

Christopher and Chloe loved the bunnies.

 He also loved that Daddy came to volunteer and help with the pony rides! 

Charis is also an animal lover and liked the bunnies too. 

Were so grateful for our preschool and the fun the little have when they're there!