Friday, October 21, 2016

October Phone Dump

 October brings cooler temperatures and super fun Fall activities!! What's not to love about October??

Charis brought the duck home from preschool for a weekend. It had lots of fun playing with her on the swings, playing play doh and even doing some school! 

We have waited and waited for the Book of Life to come out in the theaters. So, the Andersens were there on opening day!!

Charis isn't a huge movie fan so she and Mommy walked the mall and had their own fun instead :) 

Cooler weather means playing inside and that means puzzles!! We're amazed at how all their little brains work and who is more adept at puzzles than other ones. I love how all these Andersens are so unique. 

October also means fun packages from Grammie!! 

new bags for trick or treating!!

how precious is this baby?? Please stay our baby forever...

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