Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Break Family Fun

After HelpWaterTaco we headed to FL to celebrate some birthdays!  Both my Dad and my sister April are born in April and since this year was Dad's 60th birthday, he wanted everyone to get together to celebrate. We don't need much of a reason to get together with family so this seemed like a great reason to hook up :)  

So, we loaded up the camper and headed to North FL because my Dad and his brother, Uncle Donald, have recently bought some property that we could all stay at. It was so great to be with family that we haven't seen for lots of years and that the kids had never met. I can't wait til we can all hook up and hang out again. 

But on to the birthdays.....

The cupcakes were arranged by Emily so we would know how old both April and Dad were. :)

Obligatory Family pictures.....there are lots of us and we are so bummed that Liz and Shannon were missing. But here's the rest of the Donald/Ronald Wilson Clan
 The Donald Wilson Part
 All the grandkids
 The Ronald Wilson Part
 The Wilson Girls -  minus Elizabeth
 The boys - yes they are identical twins :)
 And April - with Joy because she was helping hold the sign :)

 Everybody enjoying their cupcakes

I am so glad that we got to hang out with all this family. We were so far in the woods there was no cell phone service or internet and it was so much fun!  It's amazing how much you talk and hang out when there are no electronics to mess with. I'm thinking we should vacation here more often!

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

THANK YOU for posting these. Dad will be happy that you did, but I'm pretty sure I'm the happiest of all. Your babies are adorable. I love seeing Mom holding your little man. :-)

I'm jealous that you all got to hang out sans electronics. So jealous.

I love the Wilson clan photo and hate that we're missing from it.

Seeing the picture of our family reminds me that we want to do family pictures at Christmas... and that there's a stinkin' lot of us. ;-)

Your big girl holding your little man is adorable... as is Joy's arm around Cora Sue.