Monday, June 4, 2012

Fun with Daddy

A few weekends ago, our church had their annual women's retreat. This weekend is much looked forward to in my (Ashleigh) world because it's an entire 48 hours of straight girl time!   The only reason that I can pull off such a weekend and it be relaxing is because I have  such an incredible husband who is also an incredible Daddy!  Chris is such a trooper and takes care of all of the kids by himself for the entire weekend! This year he also had the extra thought process of having to preach on Sunday. So, after Friday and all day Saturday with the kids, he got all 4 of them dressed, to the church AND preached. He really is an incredible man :)  So, along with being SuperDad, he also had the duties of being the photographer of all things fun over the weekend. Here is their Saturday fun in pictures as only a Daddy would capture. 

 And you really couldn't have  mommy-free weekend in the Andersen house without it involving ice cream. So, just to prove how much fun he is, here are the ice cream pictures!


mama said...

They are blessed with a great Daddy! Way to go Criterfer!!

Elizabeth said...

These are some fun pictures. You should share Chris' documentaries more often. ;)

Shannon said...

What a good dad ...and photographer!