Monday, July 25, 2011

NC Zoo

Before we left for our actual vacation, we decided to take a family day and head to the zoo. So, we loaded up with the Kales and a few extra kids :) and off we went. We had been told that the NC zoo gave you lots off opportunities to walk and that was not a joke! Our legs hurt for several days as a result of the amount of walking we did in one day! It was ridiculous. But, there was lots to see and the kids had a good time - inspite of the heat - and so overall, it was good.

Cadence loved looking at all the animals.

The Polar Bears were a big hit with everyone. Not only was the viewing area underground so it was cool, but the animals themselves were incredible! Click HERE for a video of the polar bears in action.

There was a super fun playground which is always helpful on a hot day!

Sometimes heat has the potential to make someone feel like this :)

A huge (fake) geyser!

Animals - real and fake - were fun to look at, play on, and be impressed by.

The boys both held out pretty well for such a hot, long day! It's always helpful to have Mrs. Karen along - she's lots of fun! and then sometimes, you just need a nap..........

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Elizabeth said...

What a crazy cool video! Those polar bears are awesome. :) And your girl's Hello Kitty dress from Prague is pretty cute too.