Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cadence Graduates! :(

I know all parents say it, but we really can't believe that our baby girl is big enough to have graduated from Preschool. What a ride it has been! She has learned so much this year and grown up so much. We're really proud of the girl she is becoming. She is so loving and helpful that it often amazes me. She most always thinks of her brothers before herself and if we're trying to go somewhere, she is gathering lovies, pacis, and everything else we could possibly need to keep the boys happy. She has learned all her letters and numbers (except 15 - it doesn't exist in her world) She now writes her name and lots of other words. She does simple addition, and can even recognize some sight words! We are really pleased with her preschool experience overall. Because this is basically my scrapbook, I'm going to list some of her friends so we'll remember them in the years to come. Of Course there was Mary, although she wasn't in her class, Kelsey, Molly, and Gracen - all 3 from church, and then the school friends she talked the most about were Tatum ,Campbell Exie, Kendall, Otis, Andy, and Steven.

Here we all are at her graduation!

Cadence and Mary

Mrs. Kristen and Mrs. Melissa - we're so grateful for them!

The Graduating Class of 2011 from First Presbyterian Church Preschool

Here is a video of her performance - it's about 6 minutes long so only watch it if you have the time :) She's on the top left on the back row.

Here is another video from her "Spring Sing" that took place in April and we never posted the video! She's on the bak row 2 people down from the girl with the bright orange hairbow


Elizabeth said...

Mom, Dad, Shan, and I just finished watching your videos. Hooray for a preschool graduate! I'm pretty sure I'll never hear God Bless America again without thinking of their preschool rendition. :) Thanks for posting the videos. It was so fun to see your not-so-little little girl in her cap and gown. :)

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