Friday, March 11, 2011


We wanted Cadence to try playing a sport and her Dad decided that that soccer would be a good first choice. Easy rules, lots of running. Well after a few practices and the purchase of some super cute soccer equipment here are a few highlights from her first game!


Elizabeth said...

This was such a fun video! It's crazy to think that she is just SO BIG... and that she has SO MUCH hair! ;) Soon her two brothers will be chasing her across the soccer field too!

Elizabeth said...

Dear Shae, Shaun, and Creed,

Please tell your daddy to upload a video of Shaunie walking and some pictures of Creed smiling and Cadence being her cute self. Your Aunt Lizzie misses you and wants to see your smiling face and your blog is getting lonely here. :)

Aunt Lizzie