Sunday, January 31, 2010


Thanks to a "winter storm" that blew thru, we've had 2 days on uninterrupted family time! It's really been great and we've enjoyed it alot. We've played games, watched movies, and even spent some time outside in the snow - not much but enough for pictures ;) So, here they are

Cadence pouting about the amount of clothes she had to have on to even go outside

all dressed and ready to go!

Shaun is definitely the smart one who stayed all wrapped up in his bed - isn't he so sweet?

We did eventually drag him out for some snow pictures - he wasn't impressed at all.

Day 2 of our storm and the snow that was too powdery to throw yesterday is now so hard you can walk on top of it. So, today it is Cadence's beach and she's having a much better time playing in it with her beach toys.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Silly Girl and a new video

The other night as Cadence finished her bath she said that she wanted to put her own lotion on. I thought it was a great idea because I was dealing with Shaun as well and needed a few minutes for her to occupy herself. When I came back into the bathroom, this is what she had done....

Obviously, I just laughed and went after the camera. Next time I'll know better because do you have any idea of how long it takes to rub that much lotion into someone?!?

Cadence has been spending lots of time outside on her bike lately - as the weather allows. She's getting pretty good at it and can even go all the way around our block without anyone holding onto her! here's a video of her and her mad biking skills CLICK

Monday, January 18, 2010

Where have we been??

So, this blog has been neglected for quite a while so this post is kind of random and catches everything up (sort of)

Liz and Shan came to see us on their whirlwind tour of the eastern part of the US. We were so glad they came and Cadence still talks about playing hide-n-seek with Uncle Shannon - and Shan, she's now hiding in different places when we play so thanks for that :)

Shaun can sit up in his little seat now and even plays with a toy while he sits there. He's way more into toys these days which is pretty fun. And Cadence is still into candy (alot) but at least today she sorted it by color before she ate it.

We've had 2 warm days since we got home from Christmas. Friday we had friends over and played outside all day long. Today was warm again so Chris cleaned up all the dog poo from the back yard and we got to swing! Even Shaun enjoyed it.

Oh yeah, and our other news - Chris and I passed a pregnancy test for the first time in our lives.It was a faint plus but definitely a plus (or as Cadence said "the cross like Jesus was on") It's been a week since we found out and we're getting more excited all the time. We started out in pure shock but have moved to more thankfulness and excitement as we put life into perspective. It's pretty amazing to have the letter from Dr. Verrill that said it would be a "medical impossibility" for us to conceive together. We sure showed him and are expecting a new Andersen sometime in August or September!